4 Sites You Should Visit Today

Add These To Your Daily Visit List


Lifehacker:  Lifehacker is my favorite website on the internet. Period.  Lifehacker is a daily weblog on software and personal productivity.  They recommend downloads, web sites, and shortcuts that can make your day just a little bit easier.  Who doesn’t want an easier day?

Here are sample Lifehacker articles I’ve found useful (or entertaining).

6 Essential Tips for First Time PC Builders

Top 10 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Evil

Building a Hackintosh

Lifehacker is owned by Gawker Media which feature a number of other great websites like, Gawker, Gizmodo (next), Deadspin, and io9 to name a few.


Gizmodo is owned and operated by the same people as Lifehacker.  Gizmodo is a weblog featuring “technologies that change the way we live”.  They have reviews of new products, how to’s, and other excellent blogs that deserve some attention.

Here are a few articles I’ve read recently:

The scientifically best time to drink coffee

How robots will save your life when disaster strikes

Those are a couple that I read last week.  Check them out if you get a few spare minutes.


Mashable, founded by Pete Cashmore, covers the top social media news on topics like Facebook, Youtube, Gmail, Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest, and more.  You can see why a site like this would be some great leisure reading related to class.  Check it out here

Elite Daily

Elite Daily is the voice of generation Y.  They have a talented staff of writers who blog about everything from college life, sex, sports and success.  They write intriguing articles for people our age such as; Your cheat sheet to remembering why Marijuana is illegal in the first place.  Make sure you check out Elite Daily


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