Considering Online Marketing? Know These Terms

Get Familiar With These Terms and Metrics

SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting visibility on the net.  There are a ridiculous number of ways in which you can do this.  Perhaps the best known practice is too “write awesome content”.

PPC: Pay Per Click.  PPC marketing consists of the ads you can see at the top of Google and Bing, these ads can be seen on the side as well.  These ads are bid on by keyword and the ads are displayed in order that search engines see fit.  Google for example; combines amount bid and quality score to determine ranking.

CPC: Cost Per Click.  Lets say you are a lawyer and you are bidding on the keyword “family lawyer”, chances are that bid is going to pretty expensive.  The cost per click is how much it actually costs you get a click through to your website.  Cost Per Click can range from pennies to hundreds of dollars depending on the keyword and competition.

CPA: Cost Per Acquisition.  Cost per acquisition or Cost Per Conversion is how much it costs you to actually achieve your goal.  Lets say I operate a news website, the goal for my site is to get people to sign up for my newsletter so they keep coming back.  Cost Per Acquisition measures just how much it costs me to achieve that goal.

CTR: Click Through Rate is the rate at which people click through to your website when your ad is being displayed.  Generally 1-2% is considered a healthy CTR.

PageRank: Pagerank is a way in which Google ranks pages.  For example; if you go to one our class blogs…none of them will have any page rank.  If you go to Salisbury’s website, they have a pagerank of 6.  You can view page rank by downloading the chrome extension.

Well there you have it.  Those are just a few examples; none the less thats a solid foundation of basic web analytics.


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