Google or Bing?

Its Google For Me

Google is the king of search and everyone knows it.  Google search does just about everything right.  Its hard to imagine a world where we couldn’t just search Google’s massive database of indexed web pages.  What makes Google search so great?  And is Bing a competitor worth taking a look at?  Lets dig a little deeper, heres what I like about Google.

  • Zero Distractions- Google search homepage is crisp and clean.  Just a friendly search box waiting for your query.  Bing has distracting images that rotate everytime you use its servce.  This may be nice for some people but I prefer a clean page.
  • Habit- For most people using Google is simply a habit.  We’ve been googling things for years now and theres really no need to switch to Bing.
  • Better Results:  How can Google have better results you ask?  Well for when they feature Google Authorship which allows publishers to have a little picture of themselves next to their page.  Bing does not have that (although they are working on it with Klout).

What About Yahoo?

So your probably wondering why I left Yahoo out of the equation here.  The answer is simple.  Yahoo results are powered by Bing.  In essence, the only difference between Yahoo and Bing is the way it looks…the results are the same.

This really is a two horse race between Google and Bing…with Google winning about eighty percent of the market share.

For now the answer is Google.


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