Chrome Vs. Firefox

Web browsers are an integral part of our lives.  Most of us browse the internet every single day…for hours at a time.  Having the right web browser to suit your needs can make your day a little bit easier.  Which do you prefer, Firefox or Chomre?

Arguments for Chrome

Chrome is a lighting fast browser.  Google has really out done themselves; they’ve managed to integrate all of their products seamlessly into your browser.

Chrome has great syncing capability as well.  For those of us who use Google Drive, Calendar, Keep or anything else really…Chrome makes it easy to move information from one system to another easily.

I suppose this is more opinion then anything but Chrome is just a bit more polished.  Every single time I fire up my Macbook Chrome boots up on load.  In fact…Chrome is essentially an operating system in itself.

Arguments for Firefox

Perhaps the coolest thing about Firefox is the sheer number of extensions.  Anything you can think of…..literally anything has a firefox extension.  Although Chrome has a number of extensions as well, Firefox has a more devoted development community.

Privacy is perhaps the biggest benefit of using firefox.  Firefox is a member of the internet of defense league and there pretty big into user privacy.  In the wake of all of the NSA scandal…privacy matters a lot.


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