My Experience Using Ubuntu (linux)

What Is Ubuntu

Ubuntu is worlds most popular open source operating system.  Open source meaning that really really smart people can see the source code and change it how they fit.  Ubuntu is   fast, secure, stylish, and easy to pick up for noobs like me.  You can download it from the Ubuntu website.

All I had to do was download it to a USB.  Plug the USB into my machine; and before the computer could boot up windows hold ESC to get to the BIOS (Boot Input Output System Menu).  From here the computer pretty much does all the heavy lifting.


My Experience

The interface in Ubuntu is similiar to that of MAC OS.  The dock can be viewed from side to side or can be left at the bottom of your screen.  If your a wannabe nerd like there are a ton of cool features to tweak, downloads to check out, and enough side projects to make your head spin.

I use Ubuntu primarily for day to day operations, nothing to technical.  You can download endless amounts of free software from the Ubuntu Software Center which is similar to the Mac App Store.

So if your a wanna be nerd like me and you want to try an alternative Operating System give Ubuntu a try.  You’ll learn a decent bit about computers in the process.


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