My Experience Browsing the Deep Web

What is the Deep Web?

Before we really jump in there are a few terms we need to familiarize ourselves with in order to fully understand what the deep web is.

Are you ready?

Ok so first things first.  The world wide web as we know it (surface web) is a giant collection of text documents.  If you strip all the bells and whistles off of your favorite web site…it all boils down to text.

Search engines like Google and Bing use spiders or robots to crawl these text documents or web pages.  They get from page to page by following hyperlinks.  These spiders index every word on every page.

Google and Bing have engineered complex algorithms to sort, categorize, and rank these pages so that when we “search” we get the answers were looking for.

Ok, now back to the deep web.  The deep web is web content that, for any number of reasons, is not indexed by search engines.

Its More Than A Criminal Haven

No, not every single page on the deep web chooses not to be indexed because of illegal activity. 

Some pages are geographically restricted (think oppressive governments), some have a paywall or login screen, and then some really do have illegal content.

We can use wordpress as an example.  The web page I land on once I log in can not be accessed through organic search because it requires my username and password.  This is technically a part of the deep web, not the surface web.  

Heres an image thats often used to help people conceptualize the idea of the deep web.  The web as we know it is all of the content and main stream media we use on a day to day basis.  The deep web is the content “below the surface”.


How You Can See the Deep Web

If you want to check it out just to tell your friends you have, it only takes about ten minutes if you follow these steps.

  • Download Tor Browser:  Tor (the onion router) is a browser that enables user anonymity by bouncing internet traffic through a series of relays.  If you are using a Mac  go to your system preferences, security, and allow an unknown program to be downloaded.  I haven’t tried it from a windows machine but I would imagine similar steps would need to be taken.
  • Launch Tor Browser: Give it a few minutes to establish a connection.  Once its loaded a second program will launch called “Vidalia”.  If your more tech savvy than I am you can use this for further encryption and relaying.


  • Find the deep web wiki URL: The deep web wiki acts as the “homepage” to the deep web.  The URL changes often, I found it by googling it in a standard browser.  As of the time of writing it is:  Notice how deep web content ends in “.onion” as opposed to “.com” or “.org”.


  • Browse Carefully: The rest is up to you at this point.  *Be Very Very Careful, You Are One Click Away From Seeing Disturbing, Grotesque Content*

Heres What I Came Across

So this is the best part of the entire blog because now you actually get to see some of the cool shit I saw.  Check it out.

The Deep Web Hidden Wiki

The Homepage of the Deep Web

The Homepage of the Deep Web

BitCoin Wallets

BitCoin Wallets

Guns For Sale

Yea We got Guns

Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin Trading Market

Lots of Drugs

Theres Drugs Too

Hitmen for Hire

Contract Killers

More Guns

Desert Eagles For Sale

Political Activism

Wild Wild West…of the Internet

Well now you have an idea of what the deep web is and what can be found there.  As you can see, its a pretty unique thing to see.  If your the curious type and you have a few minutes, follow the directions above and see it for yourself.


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