Become a Young Investor Part One

Why You Should Become a Young Investor

If your asking yourself “Why should I become a young investor” than you’re not alone.  Our generation is being pummeled by a tough economy, an increasingly old population, and an education system failing to teach us skills we need to succeed.  Its more important now than ever to invest, and to do so early.

Want to know one of the most common misconceptions about investing? That it takes a ton of money, false.  It takes a couple hundred bucks to make your first investment, not thousands and thousands of dollars.  The very first thing you need to do in order to invest is do a little research.

We live in the information age.  We have the luxury of knowledge ; if we have questions for the universe, Google has complied the answers.  Do some research.  I’ve listed some great resources to get your started but if you don’t feel like listening to me, just google “how to invest”.  I promise you it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Compounding Interest

A Few Basic Tips

Okay, so here are a few basic tips to get you going.  The path to financial security starts right now.  The earlier you start investing the better, start right now.

There are some basic investing tips you need to know about.  I’ve already made it a point to mention the importance of starting early.  Aside from that here are some other basic tips you need to know.

  • Think Long Term

That whole get rich quick thing, probably not going to happen.  But you can live a comfortable life now and more importantly later on by investing some money.  Think about the end goal here.  I know we are young and our prefrontal cortex hasn’t developed all the way so we want immediate results.  Fight the urge, think long term.

  • Put Multiple Eggs In Multiple Baskets

The financially savvy term would be “diversify your portfolio”.  What this really boils down to; avoid putting all of your cheddar in one spot.  If you invest all of your savings in high risk stocks your just asking for trouble.  Having said that, don’t be afraid to take the occasional risk.  Being a young investor means we aren’t burdened with the responsibilities (dependents, mortgage etc..) that our older associates are.  If you want to invest a portion of your money in a high risk account I say go for it.

  • Do It Right Now

I don’t think I can stress the importance of investing right now.   Compounding Interest is one of the most powerful forces in the galaxy.  Warren Buffet, one of the richest dudes on earth, is worth $60 billion.  Of that $60 billion, $59.7 was added after his sixtieth birthday because of compounding interest.  

Well thats it for right now.  Tune in next week for Part 2.


4 Things Every CMAT Major Should Be Able To Do

1: The Ability To Speak In Public

Sounds like a no brainer right?  After all, we are “communications” majors.  We’ve thrown a ton of money at a degree that teaches us to speak and interact with our peers.  By the time you graduate from SU, all CMAT majors should be confident in their public speaking ability.

I think this is one of the most under rated skills to possess.  I’ve met a lot of people in my life who are just bad at speaking.  Speaking in public doesn’t necessarily mean presenting in front of a class.

It just means conveying a message effectively and efficiently to your audience.

2: Write Captivating Content

A few years back, one of my professors told me “You better know how to write by the time you graduate”. Well I’ve known how to write since first grade thankfully.  I think what he was trying to say was “You better know how to engage readers with words”.

There’s a big difference between knowing how to write, and knowing how to engage readers with captivating content.  

3: Leverage Social Media For Business

Its no secret that a well thought out, optimized social media marketing campaign can do wonders for a business.  We, as communications majors, need to be social savvy (which is why we should get a hootsuite certification for this class).

So how do we get people to interact with our social campaigns?  Its easy….just them ask them too.

People love expressing their opinions and letting the world know how smart they are.  All we have to do is ask them.

For example.  I help manage the “Salisbury Rugby Facebook Page”.  Last week I had about fifty comments and one hundred seventy five unique visitors to our team website by posting this as a status.

“Which National Championship Squad Was The Most Dominant”.

People ate it up.  They were commenting, re-commenting, debating, and getting involved.  It was easy, all I had to do was ask for their opinion.

4: SEO 101

The landscape of public relations is in the process of dramatic change.  Public Relations students with a professional understanding of search engine optimization will be valuable assets to the companies who employ them.

Why is SEO so important?   VISIBILITY

At the end of the day thats what SEO is all about.  Online visibility.  As Public Relations professionals were going to expected to manage what people think of our companies.  One way to get our company name out there is to optimize our web pages for search engines.

7 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Freshmen Year

7 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Freshmen Year

Get Involved

Take advantage of everything SU has to offer.  Over the years I’ve watched a number of friends and acquaintances drop out or transfer because they didn’t make an effort to get involved.  People aren’t going to line up around the corner to be your friend.  It takes some effort on your part to go out there and get involved with something and make friends.

  • Play a club sport

There are a number of club sports for you to get involved in at SU.  Here’s a list of all the club sports at Salisbury.

  • Get involved in greek life

Here is list of Fraternities and Sororities at Salisbury.  Although fraternities and sororities at Salisbury are a bit smaller than your “big southern school” greek organizations, they still have a lot to offer.

  • Take a fitness class

University Fitness Club off of Wayne St. offers a number of free fitness classes.  Hit them up.  Kill two birds with one stone; make some friends and get some exercise.

  • Get a job

There are a number of places right around campus where a lot of students work out.  Check out Brew River, Tutti Frutti, Vinnies, Fratellis, Unos, and Texas Roadhouse just to name a few.  Make some money and some friends at the same time.

  • Intramural Sports

Playing intramural sports is an absolute blast.  It gets pretty damn intense to, if you plan on playing you better bring your game face.

  • Join an organization

There are a number of great organizations at Salisbury for you to get involved with.  From gospel choir to quidditch, we have it all.

Your High School Relationship Will Not Last (Usually)

Before you show up on my doorstep with a pitchfork for saying this, just hear me out.   I’ve seen it happen a million times.  I’m not saying break it off right now, I’m just saying give it some thought.  My freshmen year, I made the mistake of just rolling into college assuming my high school relationship was going to work out.

It takes some serious….serious….serious planning and effort to make these relationships last.  Consider this:

  • “Breaks” are a Death sentence:  Once you start the “O, were on a break” thing your relationship is as good as doomed.
  • Big Brother Era:  Even when I first started school a few years back there was a bit more freedom.  If you like your privacy….well you don’t have any.  If you cheat, you will get caught eventually, its just that simple.
  • Communication is Key: If you really want to make things work you’ll have to leverage every communication medium.  Skype, Facebook, text messaging, phone calls whatever.
  • Consider the seriousness:  Can you really see a future with this person?  If the answer seems clody, you may want to re consider your current situation.
  • What Really Matters:  Collge kids, freshmen especially, often allow relationships to create distance between themselves and their college experience.  If you are truly commited to your signifigant other and are determined to make it work, make sure you allow yourself time to get involved on campus as well.

Who You Were In High School Doesn’t Matter

Dude you were the QB for the state champ football team?….who cares.  It doesn’t matter who you were in high school, high school is over.  A lot of students find this out the hard way.

I see it every year.  Billy Bob football start and Sammy Joe cheer captain roll on to campus with a chip on their shoulder because every bowed to them in high school.  Get over yourself quick, in college, no one really gives a shit.

Four Years (or more) Goes By Faster Than You Think

I know, I know, I know.  Your parents tell you this all the time.  Its true though, after college your looking at a long life of….well…life.  Maximize every opportunity you have while your at Salisbury.

SU Professors Will Help If You Ask

In my experience, SU professors really are extremely helpful if you make the effort to reach out and ask.  If nothing else, reaching out will at least show your professor you care enough about your grades to make an effort.

Gossip Travels

In this regard Salisbury is a bit like high school.  Especially in the smartphone era where just about everything is recorded.  Before I move on SNAPCHAT IS NOT PRIVATEAnd for that matter, nothing you put on the internet, or that is on your smartphone is safe.  If you want to send someone a nudie….just go get nude in real life, its much safer.

Back to gossip, it travels.  Even though Salisbury is a medium sized school, if you do something outrageous, word will get around.  That can be a good thing if you do something, outrageously fucking awesome, but just be aware.

Take It Easy On Commons

Beware of the freshmen fifteen (or more).  You don’t have to be a victim.  In fact, we wrote some content to help you avoid the freshmen 15 all together.

Well That Just About Covers It

Those are a few things I wish someone would have told me my freshmen year.  Hopefully it helps you out a little bit.  If you have some things I may have missed, or have personal examples of the scenarios above, please comment below.

Thanks for reading.

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Secret Bathrooms Revealed

Most Private Bathrooms On Campus

We’ve all been there.  You wake up, shower, eat, drink your coffee, walk to campus, walk into blackwell, and then nature calls.  Well excuse for me for touching on a “private” subject, but there are a few secret bathrooms on campus that can make the experience of using a public restroom on campus a little less vulgar.  Here are some secret bathrooms you may not have known about, and some tips on getting a little privacy,

The “Blackwell Dungeon” Bathroom

Maybe not quite as much of a secret as it used to be, but still usually a relatively private bathroom.  So you walk through the front door of Blackwell.  Pass the front desk and take a left, you’ll pass the stairs and that little glass room will be on your left.  Once you pass the glass room you’ll see that little section of desks with like forty computers.  Walk past that and you’ll be in the back left area of Blackwell.  There should be a door that looks like an emergency exit, its not.  Walk through the door and go down the steps.  Once your down the steps there is a door on your right, go through it, then take another right and you’ll be in “blackwell dungeon” bathroom.

The secret door is in the back left corner, on the first floor of Blackwell.

The Faculty Bathroom Above Gurreri

This toilet is generally used by faculty only which is why we’ve labeled it as so.  There are a few ways to get to it but were only going to cover one.  If you walk into Guerrieri through the front entrance, as if you just parked in the big parking lot.  There should be a door immediately to your left which will take you upstairs.  Once you go upstairs you’ll find a few offices and what not.  Keep walking and take a left and you’ll find a few secluded bathrooms that are predominately used by faculty.


Rule Of Thumb: Use Faculty Bathrooms

The Toilets Less Traveled

These bathrooms aren’t exactly secrets but, in my experience, I’ve found they are used much less often than all others on campus.

  • Top Floor of TETC:  Generally, if people need to use the bathroom for “number one” purposes they aren’t going to walk up to the third floor.  The only people who  really use this bathroom are the ones have class up there, which isn’t a ton of people.  The later in the day you go, the better off you’ll be since class schedules thin out as the day progresses.
  • Top Floor of Henson: Similiar in philosophy to the top floor bathroom in TETC.  The later you go the better.
  • Second Floor of Fulton:  The Second floor of Fulton bathroom is a sleeper bathroom.  The first floor bathrooms are often ruined by class goers and satelite dining eaters.  If you go up to the second floor, you’ll find that its all faculty up there accept for a few niche classes.  Remember our rule of thumb regarding bathroom privacy “Use Faculty Bathrooms”.  Well the second floor of Fulton is ninety percent faculty and the bathrooms are usually empty.

Bathroom Discovery

A little creativity goes a very long way.  I’m sure there are a ton of private bathrooms I’ve missed (including my all time favorite bathroom that only a handful of people know about and I’ve sworn not to reveal).  If nature calls and your stuck on campus, get to the buildings that are frequented less by students, like Holloway (all time private bathroom hint).  I recommend that every student spend an afternoon traversing campus to find the best bathrooms that will suit their needs.

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7 Types of Eaters You’ll Find at Commons

7 Types of Eaters You’ll See At Commons

We’ve all been to commons on hundred if not thousands of occasions.  After eating three meals a day everyday at commons, you start to notice something.  Although there are hundreds of kids coming in and out of commons,  theres really only a few different types of eaters at commons.  Check it out

The “I Eat Like a Bird” Girl

You know exactly who I’m talking about.  That cute, petite, girl walking through commons with a mondo sized salad and a tall glass of water.  Apparently this is enough to survive on.


The “I’m An Athlete I Eat Everything”

You can just about always find these guys sitting at a table like thirty deep.  The football team takes the long tables in the left corner of the “Big Room”, the track team takes the right corner, the lax and soccer teams usually sit in the very back.  You know the drill.  These guys single handedly eat about eighty percent of the food in commons by the time its all said and done.

The “Protien Overload Guy”

We’ve all seen him.  He goes directly to commons after getting meaty at Maggs.  Dude needs his protein to replenish his muscles he just exhaustively abused.  This guy will usually be wearing; a tight, or cut off T-shirt featuring that little sweat diamond on his chest, athletic shorts, and sweet tennis shoes.

Whats on his plate?  Three chicken breasts from the grill, whole wheat pasta, an entire plate of london broil, enough spinach to turn him into the jolly green giant, and maybe some ice cream for added calories.


The Annoying Little Kids On Field Trip

There is nothing that pisses me off more then going to and realizing theres a field trip full of elementary school kids.  The lines automatically get thirty times longer, the soft serve machine is overheated and broken from over use, and the pizza and nuggets are wiped out.  It just sucks having to hold my tray above a constant flow of eight year olds scurrying through commons.


The “Munchies” Eaters

Its not hard to spot this crew.  They usually look clueless and have glossy eyes.  They may even be giggling about the episode of robot chicken they watched late last night after there Mario Kart marathon.

Whats on their plate?  Obviously this crew makes a beeline for deserts.  They may hit up “Gold N Cripsy” to see if they have funnel cakes, brownies, and chicken nuggets.  Other then that they usually just stick with ice cream, cake, and pizza.  Who can blame them?  We all know the munchies completely take over.


The Nerds Who Steer Clear Of The Big Rooms

Small groups of nerds are way to shy to subject themselves to the terror of eating in the big room.  You find them cooped up in the back of bistro dining, or the TV room.  The dweebiest of dweebs usually hang out in Talbot talking about Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, and why the original Everquest in the purest of MMORPG’s and should therefore be recognized as the foundation of the massively multiplayer online game genre although WOW is usually credited with being the most “influential”.


The “We Just Hit Happy Hour Lets Gorge Ourselves” Crew

This crew just walked over from Plaza happy hour.  Big beers, pitchers of margarita,  and chips just aren’t enough for an empty stomach.  Whatever this crew is eating, its in large quantities.  By the time there meal is done with, there probably passed out.

Got a laugh out of this?  Do me a huge favor, like it, tweet it, and share it.  Thanks a bunch.

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